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DIY Tag Stamps Two Ways by Creature Comforts

DIY Tag Stamps. Finally a versatile stamp that I can use over and over again. Two different tutorials using a stamp carving block, the other an eraser. Tutorials from Creature Comforts here.

DIY Chalkboard Twist Ties and Free Printable Gift Labels by Design Mom

DIY Chalkboard Twist Ties and Free Printable Gift Labels. From Design Mom here.

Roundup of Four Ways to Stamp Ribbons

Roundup of Four Ways to Stamp Ribbons. I just found a new tutorial on stamping ribbon, so I thought I’d post a roundup of ones I’ve posted in the past. You can also go to Etsy and see gorgeous examples of printed ribbons (from simple words to book phrases).

  1. NEW DIY Tutorial Printed Ribbon from You Could Make That here.
  2. DIY Unraveling Love Letter Papernsnitch here.
  3. DIY Twill Tape Labels from Habit of Art here.
  4. DIY Hand Stamping Ribbon from Snazzie Drawers here.

DIY Embroidered Heart Box. Simple, doable and reusable. Tutorial from Family Chic here.

DIY Fancy Bows. I love bows and used to live near a ribbon manufacturer’s outlet so I have tons of ribbon, and this is the last tutorial I will ever need on tying different bows: tulle, pompom, simple, fancy, fluffy, pipe cleaners etc… Tons of photos and clear instructions at Miss Lovie here.