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DIY Easy Stenciled Typography Water Pet Bowl Tutorial from inspiration & realisation here. Love really good and stylish DIYs for pets. This one uses contact paper for the stencil and non-toxic Pebeo Porcelaine 150 Paint Pens (just don’t place design on plates or inside of cups where food comes in contact with it) – so you can put them in the dishwasher unlike the untested (for toxicity) sharpies. For pages more of PET DIYs go here: http://truebluemeandyou.tumblr.com/tagged/pets

DIY Eugenia Kim Inspired Butterfly Headband Tutorial from Dare to DIY here. She also has a blog in English but this isn’t posted there. There is a short video tutorial but there are English captions. I used Google Chrome to translate the post. Top Photo: $388 Eugenia Kim Milou embellished gold-tone headband here, Bottom Photos: DIY by Dare to DIY.  


DIY Abstract Watercolor Tutorial from Grow Creative here. I’m always looking for easy projects that kids as well as adults can do with good results and this is one of them. This is so much easier than it looks and is really run because you get to dribble rubber cement all over the watercolor paper.

DIY Easy 20 Minute Sponge Stamped Wall Art Tutorial from I Spy DIY here. Big canvases are so cheap at Micheals i.e. sometimes they’re sold in packs, on sale or you can use your 40% coupon. My walls are covered by own art, large framed photographs, modern quilts I’ve made, and a grouping of old silver (sterling and plate) round platters from flea markets and Goodwill (so cheap).

For more cheap wall art DIYs go here: http://truebluemeandyou.tumblr.com/tagged/wall-art