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The hand carved stamp tutorial is awesome, but “stationary” means “not moving”. When it’s fancy papers and such you’re talking about, the word is stationery with an e. (I hope this doesn’t upset you unduly… but you seem to have a pretty thick skin, which is an asset on tumblr. I correct people’s spelling because I like them and I want to help them look as intelligent and professional as possible.)

Thanks – will correct it on both blogs. I appreciate it when people correct my grammar – seriously (like when I totally misspelled something numerous times for my DIY Gift Guides until someone thankfully messaged me). And yes, I have a VERY thick skin – you absolutely have to on Tumblr.

EDIT: Just changed “stationary” to “stationery” five times including my tags. 

My Newest Guilty Pleasure Site: www.regrETSY.com – Where DIY meets WTF. I’m on page 4 and still reading…

From Regresty  Frequently Asked questions:

What is Regretsy?

Regretsy is where DIY meets WTF.

The majority of objects d’fart posted here are collected from the web site, Etsy, though I sometimes feature crafting failures from other sites.

I also will sometimes post things that are just incredibly odd and wonderful. So while not everything here is terrible, it is always WTF.

What is Etsy?

Etsy bills itself as The online market place for all things handmade. Everything on the site is supposed to be handmade or vintage.

Unfortunately, a lot of people post things that are factory made, not vintage and basically s**t you’d find at a yard sale.

There are many, many gifted artists on Etsy who produce incredible work. Generally speaking, those aren’t the people I feature.

Place to buy polymer clay already made canes.

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you can buy clay canes WAY more cheaply elsewhere: http://www.bornprettystore.com/cane-nail-fimo-fruit-shaped-stick-p-292.html

Thanks for the link – the reviews of them look good and you cannot beat the price of 100 canes for $11.76 (they ship from Hongkong/Sinapore)! They are tiny in diameter, but so were the Shay Aaron canes. Just make sure they have design you like :) Michaels and the other crafts’ stores also have pre-made canes that are larger in diameter because they aren’t for nail art (which is the perfect size for miniature creations), but not for the above price! I posted those particular canes to go with the “Shay Aaron” theme. He also has 90 slices of his fruit mix (grapefruit, orange, lime, lemon, strawberry, kiwi and banana) for sale in his Etsy store for $5.90 here.  

Has anyone bought from Born Pretty before?

EDIT: Comment from sherlockcat about ordering from Born Pretty:

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good… Oh yes! I’ve bought…ordered nail stamp plates

Question: RE: Your article – Tumblr and Pinterest are NOT Sources: can you include the link showing

Question: RE: Your article – Tumblr and Pinterest are NOT Sources: can you include the link showing where to download the browser extension for google image searching? Thanks

I use this all the time so I hopefully don’t duplicate what I post on Tumblr and to keep track of my own photographs. All bloggers should have it so they don’t post photos and then have “source unknown” under the photo (some photos are really hard to trace back to the source, but most take a few seconds to a minute or so). *Hint: when using it, type in the search box once the results come up tumblr.com if you’re looking to see if anyone on tumblr has posted it or style.com if you think it’s from there and so on.

For Chrome as an extension so all you have to do is right click on an image and then get in a menu “search Google with this image”:


General Info (also link for Firefox Extension): http://www.google.com/insidesearch/searchbyimage.html