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DIY 9 Decorative Bras

DIY 9 Decorative Bra Tutorials. Wear with backless or see-through clothing or throw on a jacket or tee and show off the details on the front.

  1. Converted Elastic Strap Bra from Operation Overhaul.
  2. Sporty Bra from Love Aesthetics.
  3. Cage Bra from Look What I Made.
  4. Strapped Bra from A Pair & A Spare.
  5. Easy Lace Bra Top from One O.
  6. Cage Harness Bra from This Fashion is Mine.
  7. Cage Bra from This Fashion is Mine.
  8. Macrame Back Bra from Trash to Couture.
  9. T Strap Bra from Love Aesthetics.

Best Makeup Contouring Tutorial

Best Makeup Contouring Tutorial from Keiko Lynn. This tutorial has been on so many “top DIYs to try” lists today. If you want to know about conturing and highlighting this is an excellent tutorial. It covers the basics from the tools and makeup used to tutorial photos that are like mini infographics in themselves.


DIY Shirt Backpack

DIY Shirt to Backpack Tutorial from Salute to Cute. There is a detailed step by step tutorial for making this backpack. It would be good in flannel for winter and other fabrics for other seasons.

For a Roundup of 9 DIY Men’s Shirt Restyles go here.


DIY 12 Pocket Scarves

DIY Roundup of 12 Knit and Crochet Pocket Scarf Patterns from Diary of a Creative Fanatic. There are lots of free pattern options and a few pay patterns. The pocket scarf with a cowl above is a pay pattern and the other one is free (and I’ve already downloaded it). *Tip: If you see a free pattern download it as soon as possible. So many DIY blogs have gone dead and deleted their archives and I’m having trouble keeping up fixing dead links at this time.