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DIY Fabric Fringe Anklet by Clones and Clowns

fringe anklet ankle jewelry tutorial
DIY Fabric Fringe Anklet. Made from old T-shirts or clothing made out of jersey. You use the same simple knot used in this fringe necklace here or leather pearl necklace here. Really good tutorial from Clones & Clowns.

DIY Delicate Ring Bracelet Combination Hand Piece

DIY Delicate Ring Bracelet Combination Hand Piece. Really easy to make.Tutorial from Hey! Look What I Made! here. *This reminds me of Emi’s delicate pearl stacking rings here, the connected chain rings by Wobisobi here, and the delicate gold chain rings by A Pair & A Spare here.

Top Jewelry Tutorials Roundup Part One February 2012

Top Jewelry Tutorials Roundup Part One from this past week Feb. 18th – Feb. 25th, 2012.  

  1. DIY Chain Rings here. 
  2. DIY Chic Bollo Tie Necklace here. 
  3. DIY Hair Rings here. 
  4. DIY Easy Rocker Chain Necklace here. 
  5. DIY Button Bracelet here. 
  6. DIY Polymer Twisted Color Polymer Bangles here. 
  7. DIY Embroidery Floss Earrings and Bracelets here. 
  8. DIY Delicate Bell Bracelets here.
  9. DIY Sliding Knot Jeweled Cord Bracelets here.
  10. DIY Rubber Band Girl Bracelets here.

DIY Hair Rings by Keep Calm and Do It Yourself

DIY Hair Rings. Image and product from Regal Rose here for $10-$15 with only gold and silver available in 10, 15 and 20 packs. Tutorial where you can make as many as you want in any color wire for a few dollars (if that) by Keep Calm and Do It Yourself here.

DIY Zipper and Rhinestone Ring. Talk about big bang for your buck! Really clear, easy to follow directions. Love the grey nail polish with the ring :) Tutorial at Dana’s Fashion Blog here.