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DIY Tissue Paper Bubble Wall Art by Mr Handsomeface

tissue paper wall art canvas tutorial

DIY Tissue Paper Bubble Wall Art. Using tissue paper and a canvas or two. Beyond easy tutorial from Mr. Handsomeface here.

DIY Easy Tissue Paper Flower Ball. You actually should read the tutorial for this one because the edges in step #1 are actually cut in step #4 (in the DIY not kit version). I normally don’t post paper flowers, but this big pom pom like ball is really cheap and easy to make. Tutorial at giftpack here. *Photo orignally from Koyal Wholesale, where these flowers come in kits 2/$10 here. 

DIY Mixed Media Tissue Paper Technique Tutorial. Posting this not because I’m in love with what went on the tissue paper, but with the technique. I’ve used this on journal covers, frames, backgrounds for collages using foam core, etc… You get a really interesting almost leather like texture (also posted a designsponge tutorial using paper bags that I’ve also used to mimic leather). Tutorial at Artangel here.