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DIY Screenprint Shirt by Calico Skies

screen printing pantyhose hoop
DIY Screenprint Shirt. Using an embroidery hoop, Mod Podge and pantyhose. This is really pretty easy and you could repeat patterns using the same hoop/stencil (at least for the small heart). Tutorial by Calico Skies here.

DIY Sharpie Pen Tie Dye by Crown Hill

DIY Sharpie Pen Tie Dye for Everyone. Love this easy tutorial because it shows how you can get more subtle tie dye effects using sharpies and alcohol.  Tutorial from Crown Hill here.

DIY Bleach Painted Fabric by Fellow Fellow

DIY Bleach Painted Fabric. How to “paint” with bleach on fabric. Tutorial from fellow fellow here.

DIY Felted Sweater Blanket. Easiest instructions I’ve read so far – still a ton of work, but worth it (I’ve done 2 quilts using small squares of flannel that have this same type of look and are gorgeous). From recovergirl here. *When I was going to do felting I looked up tutorials on felting in the washing machine. I found several that suggested different ways of doing it (putting the bags in mesh bags etc…) to keep from totally gunking up your machine.