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DIY Night Bike. From Instructables here. The trick is the type of paint chosen to paint the bike:

“The typical craft store glow paint is zinc-sulfide based in an acrylic medium, if it is colored pigments are used.  The problem with using pigments is that these colors absorb most of the light, and thus the glow isn’t as bright. Instead, phosphorescent paint (used for this bike) is strontium based and glows 10 times longer and brighter. Impressive!” 


Keypad Purse

Potential DIY. This has been all over the fashion blogs for a while. I have so many old keyboards, or bad ones that came with computers, and even though the keys are white or gray, this would still be cool and pretty easy to do, especially if you had a foundation bag to attach the keys to.

DIY Compostition Book to iPad Cover. So simple. Really. And probably less likely to get stolen. Tutorial by Lil Blue Boo here. *I wish I had an iPad, but don’t and cannot remotely even afford one.

Rampkins’ DIY Steampunk Buccaneer Keyboard. Tutorial at Instuctables.com here. The buildlog with great photos is at Rampkins.com Handcrafted Gadgetry here. Youtube Video is here. Here’s what the inventors wrote:

 Christened the Buccaneer , this is our take on a Steampunk Keyboard design – essentially a mechanical computer keyboard that has been modified to resemble an old world aesthetic. The project was inspired by the Steampunk Keyboard created by Jake Von Slatt .

This will be on ebay.com