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DIY Jewelry Display Box by Smallgood Hearth

DIY Jewelry Display Box. Unique and Practical at the same time. How-to from Smallgood Hearth here.

DIY Jewelry Holders and Displays

DIY Jewelry Displays: Bracelet Stand, Bracelet Holder and Necklace Holder. themariechelon from Tumblr made these really pretty and very clever jewelry holders and asked if I’d be interested in posting them. Basic how-to (I hope I’m getting this right!):

  • cover piece of wood with fiberfill/batting
  • cover that with fabric and pull it tight and staple in back
  • add buttons and top frame
  • add hooks for necklaces and curtain brackets/rods for bracelets for wall display
  • add wooden dowels for stacked bracelets for table display

DIY Hook and Storage Ideas from the Ready Made Contest

DIY Hook and Storage Ideas: Thinking Outside the Box. From the Ready-Made Contest at Das Rote Paket.

  1. Trophy: cutting board, old umbrella here.
  2. Shooky: Shoe, paint, hooks here.
  3. Sung.Blocks: toy wooden blocks, paint here.
  4. Elastika: Frame, staples, elastic bands here.

DIY Recycled Shampoo Bottle by Don’t Eat the Paste

DIY Recycled Shampoo Bottle into a Gym Toiletries’ Kit. This may not be a sexy DIY, but it is simple, waterproof and you don’t have to be upset if it gets stolen. Tutorial by Don’t Eat the Paste here.