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DIY Jewelry Display Box by Smallgood Hearth

DIY Jewelry Display Box. Unique and Practical at the same time. How-to from Smallgood Hearth here.

DIY Jewelry Holders and Displays

DIY Jewelry Displays: Bracelet Stand, Bracelet Holder and Necklace Holder. themariechelon from Tumblr made these really pretty and very clever jewelry holders and asked if I’d be interested in posting them. Basic how-to (I hope I’m getting this right!):

  • cover piece of wood with fiberfill/batting
  • cover that with fabric and pull it tight and staple in back
  • add buttons and top frame
  • add hooks for necklaces and curtain brackets/rods for bracelets for wall display
  • add wooden dowels for stacked bracelets for table display

DIY Hook and Storage Ideas from the Ready Made Contest

DIY Hook and Storage Ideas: Thinking Outside the Box. From the Ready-Made Contest at Das Rote Paket.

  1. Trophy: cutting board, old umbrella here.
  2. Shooky: Shoe, paint, hooks here.
  3. Sung.Blocks: toy wooden blocks, paint here.
  4. Elastika: Frame, staples, elastic bands here.

DIY Recycled Shampoo Bottle by Don’t Eat the Paste

DIY Recycled Shampoo Bottle into a Gym Toiletries’ Kit. This may not be a sexy DIY, but it is simple, waterproof and you don’t have to be upset if it gets stolen. Tutorial by Don’t Eat the Paste here.

DIY Felt Rosebud Basket by The Blooming Thread

DIY Felt Rosebud Basket. One of the easiest tutorials ever. No sewing (you can either use or a stitch or glue gun). Also, the felt is from Joanne’s Frabric Store. Tutorial from The Blooming Thread here. *one image download