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DIY Balenciaga Golden “Tube” Brass Rings from Made In Pretoria here. Top Photo: $765 (set of 5 rings) by Nicolas Ghesquière Golden “Tube” Brass Rings here, Middle Photo: Alternative to Plumbing Fixtures – $13.56 ASOS Pack of 8 Smooth Rings here, Bottom Photo: DIY Inspiration from Made In Pretoria. 

DIY Silk Stacking Rings by The Lovely Dept

silk stacking rings tutorial
DIY Silk Stacking Rings. One of the easiest DIYs I’ve seen that still looks nice. Silk cord and crimp beads. In the comments section one person added beads and used cheap hemp cord. Tutorial from The Lovely Dept. here.

DIY Triangular Hand Harness by Pop Champagne

hand harness ring bracelet combination tutorial
DIY Triangular Hand Harness. So easy and cheap to make (but it helps to have a friend with similar sized hands model it for you while you are making it). Tutorial from Pop Champagne here. *Photo by LoveK.

DIY Eye Pin Stacked Rings by Typical House Cat

DIY Eye Pin Stacked Rings. This is a super easy and extremely inexpensive project.Tutorial from Typical House Cat here.

DIY Marc Jacobs Inspired Suede Bow Ring by Small Good Things

DIY Marc by Marc Jacobs Inspired Suede Bow Ring. Photos: Upper Left and Upper Right: DIYs, Bottom Right: Jacobson Bow Ring by Marc by Marc Jacobs $68 here. It’s a really simple and clever tutorial, and you could do it in so many color combinations. Tutorial by Small Good Things here.