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DIY Eugenia Kim Inspired Butterfly Headband Tutorial from Dare to DIY here. She also has a blog in English but this isn’t posted there. There is a short video tutorial but there are English captions. I used Google Chrome to translate the post. Top Photo: $388 Eugenia Kim Milou embellished gold-tone headband here, Bottom Photos: DIY by Dare to DIY.  

DIY Rock N’ Roar Dinosaur Candles by Blow Up!

DIY Rock N’ Roar Dinosaur Candles. If you want a more elegant look, check out the Gold Guilded Party Animal Candles here. The tutorial for the dinosaur candles is at Blow Up! here.

DIY Dinosaur Bookends by Mommy in the Mountains

DIY Dinosaur Bookends. This so reminds me of Toy Story. I love altered plastic animals and these were made for under $4 (because she got the wood at Home Depot). Tutorial by Mommy in the Mountains here.

DIY Plastic Animal Ring Holder by Small Good Things

DIY Plastic Animal Ring Holder. More plastic animal tutorials (and I am obsessed with plastic toys. See here)! Love how these cats were made not using spray paint and I  also like the the practical bulletin board version. Tutorial from Small Good Things here.