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DIY Fake Ice Sculpture Vase from a Recycled Plastic Bottle

DIY Fake Ice Sculpture Vase from a Recycled Plastic Bottle. Pretty great idea using recycled bottles, sandpaper and a candle. Tutorial from Wikihow here.

DIY Recycled Shampoo Bottle by Don’t Eat the Paste

DIY Recycled Shampoo Bottle into a Gym Toiletries’ Kit. This may not be a sexy DIY, but it is simple, waterproof and you don’t have to be upset if it gets stolen. Tutorial by Don’t Eat the Paste here.

Recycled Material Jewelry Inspiration by Mana Bernardes

DIY Recycled Material Jewelry Inspiration. Mana Bernardes Jewelry.  She is truly a Renaissance woman – a young jewelry designer, poet, and visual artist from Rio de Janeiro. She designs jewelry made from every imaginable source and recycles them into her designs. She mixes found objects with high end pearls, gold etc… Here are some examples from manabernardes here:

  1. Clasp Necklace: bobby pins
  2. Medallion Bic: Bic Pens
  3. Spatial Necklace: plastic, fishing line
  4. Bead Necklace: marbles and nylon packaging (US produce often comes packaged in colored mesh)
  5. Space Dog Collar: plastic bottles
  6. Band Night: safety netting for wine bottles, beads
  7. Fan Necklace: bamboo sticks, beads
  8. Only Home Necklace: surgical needles, beads
  9. Band Clothesline: inside of rope material, beads