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DIY Glow Clouds

DIY Glow Clouds. Tutorial at Wedding High here (although I would only use LED “Christmas” string lights). Gif from More Design Please here. Photo by alexis mire’s Flickr Photostream here.

DIY Napkin Rings and Favors. I almost didn’t post this because it’s so simple and I think everyone is getting Halloween fatigue. But this is so clever! 30 colored fangs at Target for $4, and then use them as Napkin Rings and then party favors for Halloween. Found at Family Chic here.

DIY Autumn Lamp. Great tips (fill with water and freeze) and instructions at the Netherlands’ site Made by Mums Boven here. Similar to the one holly go brightly posted here. I used a nail for this project, but she’s suggesting an awl, which is probably easier. *Also, the fake LED tea lights have gotten really cheap and I’m afraid of fire, so I’d try and use those and see if the glow was similar.