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DIY Painted Strawberry Rocks by Lee Wismer

DIY Painted Strawberry Rocks. I’ve seen this all over Pinterest with no attribution or source. So I used google search image and found out there were more photos and a tutorial. Rock paintings by Lee Wismer here. Step by Step directions on how to paint strawberries here.

DIY Inspiration. Screen print/paint/embroider constellations on dark blue cushions. Use glow-in-the-dark paint. From the UFO Tree House in the Treehotel group in Sweden here. *TIP: For a list of constellations alphabetically and by month go here, then click on the link or google the name to find out how it looks.

*EDIT: If you decide to go with glow-in-the-dark paints there is a whole discussion about these paints on another post of mine – the Night Bike here. Go to www.glonation.com to see if this paint is right for you.

DIY Altered Altoid Tin Kits. Lots of wonderful “Collection Tins” with their wonderful covers and ideas at Silvia’s Sketchblog here.

Paint Bucket Art. Found at Velvet Palette here. Numerous photos of amazing interiors of this house found at skona hem here. You either love this or hate it. I love it and can see the potential of getting empty cans from Home Depot and going to town and using mixtures of paint.   

DIY Blank Russian Nesting or Matryoshka Dolls. Did you see my last post? I just looked these up on the internet. You can get huge expensive sets or cheap small ones – just google “Russian Nesting Dolls”. These are from Golden Cockerel here. I think this wood would take Sharpies and I’d experiment on the bottom of one to see. The possibilities are endless…