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DIY Zipper Heart. No tutorial, self explanatory. Originally labeled as an ornament but could be a pendant. Photograph from the Flickr Photostream of Stacey Gates here.

Eight Amazing Harry Potter Crafts

Eight Amazing Harry Potter Crafts:

  1.  DIY Hogwarts’ Knitted House Scarves here.
  2. Free Customizable DIY Undesirable No. 1 Harry Potter Posters and Wallpaper here.*Go to link to see amazing wallpaper of the posters.
  3. DIY Easiest Golden Snitch Necklace Ever here.
  4. DIY  free PDF Download Hogwarts Castle: Comes in a 1:160 scale, the file consists of 41 pages, including 36 pages of Hogwarts Castle patterns, Quidditch Arena, etc… here.
  5. DIY Golden Snitch Feather Ornament here.
  6. DIY Golden Snitch Necklace here.
  7. Etsy Pattern for A trip to the Apothecary Quilt here and an amazing quilt (waiting to see if she will release a DIY pattern) of everything Harry Potter on a bookshelf here.
  8. Supplies for Golden Snitch Necklace or Bracelet (although Walmart and local places carry these too) here. *Links to lots of inspiration Golden Snitch jewelry


  • Free Printable Harry Potter Owl Post Gift Wrapping Paper here. 
  • DIY Deatheater Mask using Dollar Store Foam Mask, Spray Paint and Sharpies here.
  • Free Book Cover Printable: The Crafty Witch’s Enchanted Book of Spells Potions and Everything Magical here.

DIY Inspiration. Artist Cindy Taylor creates the most wonderful googly eye accessories at Googly Creations here. Her googly art is for sale at Puremodern here. *Anyone who read my blog during Halloween knows I post I love and post tons of googly eye crafts. I even have a page tagged “googly eyes” here. 

Merry Christmas! Image from 365 Spiders.