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DIY Bird Necklace by Make It and Fake It

DIY Bird Necklace. Top Photo: DIY, Bottom Photo: Ornamentea Charm. This necklace is perfect for the Ornamentea charm I posted here (#2 and they have almost the same exact bird charm here). I like how she added a big crystal bead to the necklace. Tutorial from Make It and Fake It here. *There are lots of ways to add patina to “naked brass” charms on Ornamentea and other websites.

Where to Buy Unusual Jewelry Supplies

Where do People Get All those Quirky Jewelry Supplies to Make Expensive Jewelry? One Place is ornamentea (I am not affiliated with them in anyway). I often post jewelry supplies because I didn’t know what was out there until I started looking and then I found very familiar looking charms and parts of jewelry I had seen in expensive jewelry online.

  1. Fortune Cookie Charm $2.50 here.
  2. Two Loop Swallow Charm 10/$5 here.
  3. TV Set Cabochon Setting 6/$3.60 here. How great would this be with a black and white photo set in it?
  4. Tiny Ball Locket (naked brass) 10/$5.80 here.
  5. Winged Scarab Beetle (naked $4.75 here), scarab bent and patina and chain added here.
  6. 2” Knight’s Glass Bottle w/Cork 12/$5.10 here. 
  7. Terrarium Necklace Tutorial here using #6 Glass bottle.
  8. 1” (3/4” without cork) Fat Friar Glass Bottle with Cork 12/$4 here.
  9. Alphabet Charms (naked brass) 56 Letters for $10.25 here.
  10. Drink Me Necklace Tutorial here Uses Letters #9
  11. Stitched Heart Pendant $12 here, Laced Heart Necklace Tutorial here.

Two of my favorite places to get unusual bits and pieces for jewelry, or I just go there to window shop and see what they’ve gotten in.

Objects and Elements: a place to find vintage, found and usual and unusual jewelry supplies here. Listed by number (sorry, couldn’t get collage in right order for the right store!):

  • 1. Heart Tart Approx 15mm x 33mm. Each piece is individually cut from silver serving trays and tumbled $4.80 for 1 here.
  • 2. 1cm Sparkle Flower $2.50 here.
  • 6. Natural Brass Busy Bee $1.75 here.

Ornamentea: Everything crafts from jewelry to paper to metal smithing here. Things I found that I thought were interesting from this site:

  • 3. Love Detector with Spinning Arrow (seen on Etsy Jewelry – just change patina) for $2.50 here. *Note: saw these recently somewhere else and notices arrow did NOT spin.
  • 4. To make this necklace 1 pkg of Hand Painted Cotton Ribbon Floss 10 meters for $8 was used here (although they are sold out right now). Tutorial for Cozy Colorwash Necklace here.
  • 5. Large Phone Booth Frame Locket (1” x 0.5” x 0.5”) 1 box for $2.00 here.

Shhhh… Another craft secret.  Ornamentea – Fine Craft Ingredients here. They carry stuff for steampunk jewelry, and have everything under the sun there. I have never used them, not affiliated with them and all that legal stuff, but others swear by them. And I found these charms/pendants there that are so cheap and you can easily add whatever you want to them: Small Phone Booth Brass Frame Locket $2.50, Window Frame Locket $2.00, Large Phone Booth Brass Frame Locket $2.00.