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Five Easy Wooden Bead Necklace Tutorials

Five Easy Wooden Bead Necklace Tutorials. Why do I love wooden beads? They are cheap and so easy to alter and kids and grownups alike can create with them! *See also The House of Kami Wooden Bead Knockoff here. Photos and direct link to tutorials:

  1. Kate Spade $128 Rosewood Dot Necklace here.
  2. DIY Kate Spade Inspired Necklace (Henry Happened) here.
  3. DIY Wooden Bead Gold Hex Nut Necklace (Sally J Shim) here.
  4. DIY Color Blocked Wooden Bead Necklace (Laura Parke) here.
  5. DIY Gold “Dipped” Wooden Bead Necklace (Little Birdie Secrets) here.
  6. DIY Dyed Wooden Beads with Rit Dye (Martha Stewart) here. *See also natural dyed wooden beads here.

DIY Safety Pin Necklaces by wobisobi

DIY Safety Pin Necklaces. I love using safety pins in jewelry and on clothes (see here), so these necklaces appeal to me. I would change them up and possibly add beads to the one with dangly safety pins. Tutorial from wobisobi here.

DIY Polymer Clay Cloud with Raindrop Beads Necklace

DIY Polymer Clay Cloud with Raindrop Beads Necklace. Tutorial by cluelesslyunfashionable on Tumblr.

So, my first post here on Cluelessly Unfashionable is a DIY piece of jewelry.

You will need:

  • - Polymer clay (Fimo) in a white or grey colour
  • - Gold c-links
  • - Gold chain
  • - ‘Droplet’ shaped beads (or you can make your own out of fimo)
  • - A sparkly nailpolish or paint (I used Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear in Disco Ball)
  • - Safety pin
  • - Aluminum foil
  • - Pliers

In order to make the cloud, you can either warm the clay in your hands, roll it flat and use a knife to cut out the shape of a cloud, or you can use your hands to make the cloud. I just improvised.

Use the safety pin to make two holes, which will attach via c-link to the chain, and several holes at the base of the cloud for the raindrops. Once complete, place the cloud on the aluminum foil and bake for 30 minutes at 230 C/110 F.

Once the cloud has cooled completely, paint on the sparkly finish. You can paint the cloud entirely as I did, or just highlight the top of the cloud.

Once the paint has dried, use pliers to insert a c-ring into the holes for the chain attachment, and make sure to add a droplet bead to the c-rings at the base. I bought my droplets at Michaels, but I’ve seen similar beads at Walmart.

Once you attach the chain, you have a whimsical necklace for a rainy day!

For the spring, I’m looking forward to pairing this with a light coloured loose-fit button down, with maybe a leather jacket to balance the softness and whimsy with tomboy flair!

DIY Polymer Clay Jewelry by Saved by Love Creations

DIY Polymer Clay Stamping and Image Transfer. First, Harbor Freight carries stamping kits super cheaply. Second, did you know that you can transfer any image from plain paper (laser or toner printer) to polymer clay? For my teacup collage I even used colored pencils to make the images more outrageous (and then gave them a curved look by draping and baking them over a paper towel tube). Tutorials from Saved by Love Creations: stamping tutorial here, image transfer tutorialhere. *The image transfer method I like best is the dry transfer where you just put the image on polymer clay, burnish it a bit, leave it on for an hour and bake the image with the paper on it. More about that here.