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DIY Summer Party Mason Jar Glasses by love u madly

diy mason jar glasses
DIY Summer Party Mason Jar Glasses. Go to her site to see what these glasses are really called. These are like lots of Dollar Store Candlesticks with stuff glued on top, but I liked the Mason Jar twist and they are $2 per piece.Tutorial from love u madly here.

DIY Lemon Bars To Go by Lady Behind the Curtain

DIY Lemon Bars To Go. Bake in 1/2 pint Jars. I wish these had been posted at Christmas/holiday time because these would make wonderful hostess gifts, party favors or just wonderful gifts. At the very end she recommends doubling the filling recipe so read to the end! Tutorial and recipe from Lady Behind the Curtain here.

DIY Mason Jars Tiny Pies. So easy after reading this post. You can use store bought pie crust (I really like Pillsbury pie crust – the one in the refridgerated section) and canned filling. Tutorial and recipes from Camille Styles here.

DIY Mason Jar Planter. Cost: Less than $20. From Not Just a Housewife here.