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Nine DIY Marshmallow Peep Wreath Tutorials

Nine DIY Marshmallow Peep Wreath Tutorials

  1. Mommy Savers here.
  2. Fairytale Frosting (although there were problems, but maybe using toothpicks like some of the other tutorials did would have helped) here.
  3. Spatulas, Corkscrews & Suitcases here.  
  4. A Pumpkin & A Princess here.
  5. Tried & True here, instructions here.  
  6. Tried & True here.   
  7. Our Best Bites here.  
  8. Sunny Simple Life here.
  9. Lissables Creations here.  

DIY Miiniature Marshamallow Gun by The Idea Room

DIY Miiniature Marshamallow Gun and Protective Mask. Using plumbing supplies and a recycled soda bottle. Tutorial from The Idea Room here. This is such a cool kids’ party idea!

DIY Mini Marshmallow Cocoa Mugs. Marshmallows dipped (or not) in chocolate. These may go on the short list to accompany the chocolate dipped candy canes here for all those gifts I now have to give. Tutorial/recipe at Crissy’s Crafts here.

DIY No Bake Marshmallow/Oreo Cookies or Lumps of Coal for Naughty People. I posted the recipe for the “coal” on the RIGHT here, but for those of you who want to do this and don’t want to mess around with egg white substitutes and black gel/paste food coloring, the recipe on the LEFT is much easier. This recipes contains 3 ingredients: marshmallows, oreos and butter. Recipe from Picky Palate here. Photo of bars from recipe from sweet pea kitchen here. The IDEA to use it as coal from Pinterest here and some tips:

  • The more you mix the oreos with the marshmellows/butter the more it will look like posted photo.
  • Use cooking spray or something that they will not stick on. 

*Some grownups didn’t like them but the kids universally did. I mean this isn’t a gourmet dessert!