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Nine Hunger Game Crafts

Nine Hunger Game Crafts, DIYs, Inspiration, Themed Wedding, Makeup, Nails, Poster etc… It’s harder than I thought to find really good Hunger Game Tutorials other than the ones I’ve already posted here and here. But I like these:

  1. Hunger Games Inspired Makeup by A Flattering Tale here.
  2. Etsy Katniss Arrow Headband $23 here. Really lovely in closeup photos.
  3. Fan-Made Effie Trinket Makeup Video here.
  4. Katniss Braid Video by Samii Ryan here.
  5. How to Draw a Mockingjay Step by Step by DragoArt here.
  6. Fan Made Movie Poster: The 74th Annual Hunger Games Begin 3/23/2012 Viewing is Manatory here.
  7. Amazing Hunger Games Themed Wedding with tons of photos at The Wedding Chicks here.
  8. DIY Girl on Fire Nails and tons of Nail Photos of all 12 (every district represented) China Glaze: The Hunger Games Collection Nail Polishes at ommorphia beauty bar here. If you love nail polish you will probably love this post.
  9. DIY Katniss Inspired Golden Arrow Headband by Beetle Bailey here.

DIY Inspiration Mini Wire Hanger Earrings

DIY Inspiration: Mini Wire Hanger Earrings seen on Acidule here. You can see more of Miss Bibi’s Jewelry here and here.

Twelve Top Favorite Posts for February 2012

Twelve Top Favorite Posts (excluding jewelry) this past week Feb. 27th – March 3rd, 2012:

  1. DIY Cloud and Umbrellas Giftwrap here.
  2. DIY T-Shirt Quilt here with a link to another one.
  3. DIY Watercolor Water Drops here.
  4. DIY Naturally Dyed Eggs with Color Dye Chart here.
  5. Bad Decisions Make Great Stories wallpaper here.
  6. DIY Cutlery Tray Jewelry Storage and Display here.
  7. DIY Man Modern Art here.
  8. DIY TV Console into a Dog or Cat Bed here.
  9. Origami Creations by Lisa Deng (and she gives the profits to charity) here. 
  10. Dr. Seuss Quote reblogged from Chris Piascik here.
  11. DIY Necklace Holder here. 
  12. DIY Wee Little Garden here.


Long Sleek ponytail + chains= DIY!

Truebluemeandyou: This is one way you can DIY. Chains and haircombs:

Belle Noel by Kim Kardashian 14KT Gold Honey Hexagon Hair Comb £30


DIY Jewelry/Accessory Inspiration. This photo is from paperpatterns here (see EDIT below). There are more photos on her blog at aetienne.net here. This would be so interesting with trim, fabric, etc… sewed a long side the zipper. The possibilities are endless. *EDIT: She actually sells this fringed zip necklace for $15 (a great price) at paperpatterns here  (that was in 2010 so not sure they are available now – I’ve emailed her because I’m interested in one).