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DIY Flower Bouquet Cupcakes by Life is Sweets

DIY Flower Bouquet Cupcakes. The recipe for the icing is easy and you need one cake tip for these cupcakes – a beginner can do this. Recipe for the icing and tutorial from Life is Sweets here.

DIY Easy Frotsting Technique from Sockerrus

DIY Easy Frotsting Technique. From Sockerrus here.More photos and instructions at the link. *One image download.

DIY Pretty (and useful) Illustrated Royal Icing Recipe (only part of it shown). What do you do with royal icing? It’s the white frosting glue that holds ginger bread houses together; you can make flowers, shapes etc… that harden to put on baked goods; it’s also the frosting glue that sticks anything edible together. It used to be made with egg whites – but no longer unless you want to potentially get salmonella poisoning. Free Full illustration/printable by Arthur Konouk, recipe by Sweetopia here.

DIY Dotty Cupcakes. Tutorial from Manhattan Craft Room here. Super easy, good basic tips. *My been there done that tip: Don’t waste your money on liquid food coloring. Get the paste ones from Wilton like these because you only need a little on the end of a toothpick to get great colors and they will last forever.