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DIY Katniss Hunger Games Inspired Bobby Pins by Art for All

DIY Katniss Hunger Games Inspired Bobby Pins. Using shrink plastic. Tutorial from Art for All here.

Nine DIY Hunger Games Crafts: Food, Jewelry, Clothing, Printables

Nine DIY Hunger Games Crafts. Hunger Games inspired clothing, jewelry, food, hair, keychain, and printable postcards.

  1. DIY Quiver T-Shirt from Obsessive Creative Disorder here. Like that the strap is on the front and back. Homemade stencils and fabric paint.
  2. DIY Purple Melon (DO NOT EAT – for display only) from fictional food here. Three pages of food inspired by the Hunger Games at fictional food here.
  3. DIY Nightlock Berry Keychain from shades of tangerine here. Kind of a dark tutorial, but it’s different.
  4. DIY Hunger Games Postcard Downloads for All the Districts from shades of tangerine here. You have to cut out the inside of the letters and glue images on back, but pretty cool.
  5. DIY Katniss Braid (Dutch Braid) from Makeup Geek here. Step by step, really detailed.
  6. DIY Effie Trinket Capitol Inspired Brooch and Bracelet from Aprons & Ambition here.
  7. Hunger Games Bread from Today’s Mama here. Another simple technique I’ve never heard of.
  8. DIY Polymer Clay Hunger Games Bracelet from by Megan Jackson from Down with the Capitol here. She uses a simple technique using plain white paper and liquid polymer clay – one I’ve never used before.
  9. Hunger Games Cupcakes from Sweet Tooth here. Very detailed tutorial, oreos used as coal – so clever.

DIY Glass Tile or Flat Marble Hunger Games Pendant by Happy Hour Projects

DIY Glass Tile or Flat Marble Hunger Games Pendant. So easy and inexpensive to make (get the marbles at The Dollar Store) – I’ve posted tutorials for these before. Tutorial at Happy Hour Projects here, and download for lots of Hunger Games printables (bottom photo) at G*Rated here.

DIY Hunger Games Quote by scherenchitte

DIY Hunger Games Quote by scherenchitte. Want to try paper cutting (scherenschitte)? Download the free Hunger Games scherenschitte at scherenschitte here.

Nine Hunger Game Crafts

Nine Hunger Game Crafts, DIYs, Inspiration, Themed Wedding, Makeup, Nails, Poster etc… It’s harder than I thought to find really good Hunger Game Tutorials other than the ones I’ve already posted here and here. But I like these:

  1. Hunger Games Inspired Makeup by A Flattering Tale here.
  2. Etsy Katniss Arrow Headband $23 here. Really lovely in closeup photos.
  3. Fan-Made Effie Trinket Makeup Video here.
  4. Katniss Braid Video by Samii Ryan here.
  5. How to Draw a Mockingjay Step by Step by DragoArt here.
  6. Fan Made Movie Poster: The 74th Annual Hunger Games Begin 3/23/2012 Viewing is Manatory here.
  7. Amazing Hunger Games Themed Wedding with tons of photos at The Wedding Chicks here.
  8. DIY Girl on Fire Nails and tons of Nail Photos of all 12 (every district represented) China Glaze: The Hunger Games Collection Nail Polishes at ommorphia beauty bar here. If you love nail polish you will probably love this post.
  9. DIY Katniss Inspired Golden Arrow Headband by Beetle Bailey here.