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DIY Wrapped Basket Lids

DIY Wrapped Basket Lid Tutorial from Tell Love & Chocolate. The basket lids are wrapped with embroidery thread in this easy DIY.


DIY Faux Batik

DIY Faux Batik Tutorial from Pearmama. Rather than using hot wax as a “resist” and then having to iron off the wax, this tutorial uses washable clear glue and craft paints.

For real batik instructions you can go here or check out thisDIY Beginners’ Batik Wax and Dye Wall Art from Kelli Murray here.


DIY Industrial Lamp

DIY Industrial Lamp Tutorial from Home Depot Blog. The Step-by-step tutorial with a materials’ list makes this lamp look doable.


DIY Animal Mandala Wall Art

DIY Animal Mandala Wall Art and Printable from My White Idea. This would be so good in a child’s room plus you can tint the grayscale images any way you want.

She was inspired by Honestly WTF’s sticker mandala (another one of my favorite DIYs) here.