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DIY 2 Tutorials for Valentine’s Day Hair from The Beauty Department. Top photo hereBottom Photo here.


Body Parts Valentines Day Cards


I finally ran out of body parts.


truebluemeandyou: From Mod Dessert’s Etsy shop. Thanks Donatella – this tickled my funny bone.


DIY 9 Wire Heart Rings

DIY Roundup Wire Heart Ring Tutorials. For pages more of wire jewelry go here and for more unique Valentine’s Day DIYs go here: truebluemeandyou.tumblr.com/tagged/hearts

  1. Chain and Wire Heart Ring from Swellmayde.
  2. Wire Heart Ring from Swellmayde.
  3. Flat Wire Heart Ring from My White Idea.
  4. 3 Wire Rings from Essas Frescurites.
  5. Wire Heart Ring from Lana Red.
  6. Wire Heart Ring from Swellmayde.
  7. Wire Heart Ring from Maize Hutton here.
  8. Wire Heart Rings from I Spy DIY.
  9. Wire Heart Rings from Morning Creativity.

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