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DIY Headscarf

DIY Headscarf Tutorial from Tilly and the Buttons. This is the first project from her book and is for absolute beginners. It’s a headscarf that can be worn in many different ways and she has a Pinteresst board showing the different variations. First seen at MAKE by Haley Pierson-Cox.  


DIY Big Bun with Gold Headband

DIY Big Bun with a Gold Headband Tutorial from The Beauty Department. What I like most about this tutorial is the gold metalic embroidery thread used for the crossover headband. I’m not sure why The Beauty Department tagged this both “good goddess” and “Halloween”.


DIY Usamimi Headwrap

DIY Headwrap Tutorial from Honestly WTF. Where it up or down. This DIY has so much in common with with the bunny ears or Usamimi headwraps that use wire to keep their shapes. Check out a roundup of 9 Usamimi Headbands and Headwraps here.


DIY 9 Usamimi Bunny Ears Headbands

DIY 9 Bunny Ears or Usamimi Headbands Roundup. You can widen the “ears” and make something more like a tradtional headwrap. One blogger taped the wire to make it less likely to poke you.

  1. Tutorial from Violet Le Beaux.
  2. Tutorial from Ginerbreadmanne.
  3. Short Video Tutorial from Frag Dolls.
  4. Lace Version from Violet Le Beaux.
  5. Tutorial from Wear the Canvas.
  6. Knockoff TopShop Bunny Ears Scrunchies from Life Ann Style.
  7. Tutorial from Maddy and Me.
  8. Tutorial from Twirling Betty.
  9. Tutorial from strawberryuni on Polyvore.