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DIY Eugenia Kim Inspired Butterfly Headband Tutorial from Dare to DIY here. She also has a blog in English but this isn’t posted there. There is a short video tutorial but there are English captions. I used Google Chrome to translate the post. Top Photo: $388 Eugenia Kim Milou embellished gold-tone headband here, Bottom Photos: DIY by Dare to DIY.  

Roundup of DIY Usamimi Headbands Tutorials. I’ve seen these headbands around for a while and they’ve grown on me, especially since you can make the ears long like a bunny or really short and sculpt the tails into something more grownup. 

  1. Tutorial from Violet Le Beaux here.
  2. Tutorial from Ginerbreadmanne here.
  3. Short Video Tutorial from Frag Dolls here.
  4. Lace Version from Violet Le Beaux here.

DIY Hanging Chains Headband by Love Maegan

DIY Hanging Chains Headband. As Maegan suggests, this would look really pretty with darker hair where the chains would stand out more. Make sure to check out the Topshop $60 inspiration to see an alternate way to make this. Really good tutorial from …Love Maegan here.

DIY Easy Zipper Headband by Stars for Streetlights

DIY Easy Zipper Headband. Do it in neon, or any color. Also you could attach elastic to the zipper ends to make it more permanent. Tutorial from Stars for Streetlights here.