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DIY Summer Party Mason Jar Glasses by love u madly

diy mason jar glasses
DIY Summer Party Mason Jar Glasses. Go to her site to see what these glasses are really called. These are like lots of Dollar Store Candlesticks with stuff glued on top, but I liked the Mason Jar twist and they are $2 per piece.Tutorial from love u madly here.

DIY Anthropologie Quite a Spectacle Necklace Two Tutorials

DIY Anthropologie Quite a Spectacle Necklace. Photos: Left: tutorial bytwenty paper links here (using vintage glasses), Upper Right: tutorial by A Little Tipsy at Brassy Apples (using Dollar Store reading glasses), Bottom Right: $498 Anthropologie Quite a Spectacle Necklace here. *If you take the lenses out there are charities that take lenses to reuse in glasses.

DIY CD Jewel Case 3D Glasses Alternative. How cheap are you (in a good and crafty way)? Actually this tutorial from Wired has both 3D glasses and jewel case alternative together here. If I desperately needed 3D glasses I’d prefer making the jewel case version using sharpies rather than having to buy red and blue acetate and have another pair of cheap 3D glasses around to lose. Photo by bezbozhnik at Flickr.