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DIY Glass Tile Pendants. This is one of those times I think the photograph doesn’t do this craft justice, but I wanted to post it for me because this project is so simple, uses stickers, and is inexpensive. From Happy Hour Projects here.

Etsy Mini Lemons in a Mini Vial Necklace. From the Etsy Store of SimplyEncharming here for $12 (great price for everything). I love polymer clay as proven from past posts :)

truebluemeandyou: Poisoned Etched Glass. To go with my Drink Me NOT Poison tag. 

You Have Just Been Poisoned. Etching glass been done, but this message is clever… and a little sick. My sense of humor. Tutorial. First saw it the manly ManMade blog. Hmmmm…

DIY Inspiration. This tag and typography will go perfectly with what I think is my most unread post (2 notes): You Have Just Been Poisoned Etched on the Bottom Glass here.  The etched poison glass tutorial came from one of those manly sites, so maybe men think this is funnier than women.