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DIY Dress Up Station From Old Entertainment Center by Vintage Revivals

DIY Dress Up Station From Old Entertainment Center. Do you know how many of these are around? We just took ours to the recycling center! Detailed tutorial with so many great ideas at Vintage Revivals.

DIY Dresser Idea by I Just Might Explode

DIY Dresser Idea. Also tons of other DIY ideas on this post from her room tour. From I Just Might Explode here. *Another photo all over the internet without attribution which is a shame because of all the great DIY ideas on this site.

DIY Giant Cross Stitch Roundup

DIY Giant Cross Stitch Roundup. After seeing more of Jessica Decker’s huge Cross Stitch Canvases splashed all over the web, I’d thought another roundup of my past posts on giant cross stitch projects was in order.

  1. DIY Giant Cross Stitch Tutorial by Readymade here.
  2. Cross Stitch by Jessica Decker here.
  3. Giant Cross Stitch painted with a stencil by  Eline Pellinkhof here or here. You can buy or make a template like this one here.
  4. Cross stitch using cheap pegboard in cabinets here.

DIY TV Console into Dog or Cat Bed by Endorsed by Igor

DIY TV Console into a Dog or Cat Bed. Detailed tutorial by Endorsed by Igor here. *This would be so great for huge cats (like Maine Coon Cats).

DIY Clock Table by Ikea Hackers

DIY Clock Table. Really good IKEA (or Walmart etc…) hack. Tutorial at Ikea Hackers here. *And you can still tell time.