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Five Easy Wooden Bead Necklace Tutorials

Five Easy Wooden Bead Necklace Tutorials. Why do I love wooden beads? They are cheap and so easy to alter and kids and grownups alike can create with them! *See also The House of Kami Wooden Bead Knockoff here. Photos and direct link to tutorials:

  1. Kate Spade $128 Rosewood Dot Necklace here.
  2. DIY Kate Spade Inspired Necklace (Henry Happened) here.
  3. DIY Wooden Bead Gold Hex Nut Necklace (Sally J Shim) here.
  4. DIY Color Blocked Wooden Bead Necklace (Laura Parke) here.
  5. DIY Gold “Dipped” Wooden Bead Necklace (Little Birdie Secrets) here.
  6. DIY Dyed Wooden Beads with Rit Dye (Martha Stewart) here. *See also natural dyed wooden beads here.