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DIY Fabric Fringe Anklet by Clones and Clowns

fringe anklet ankle jewelry tutorial
DIY Fabric Fringe Anklet. Made from old T-shirts or clothing made out of jersey. You use the same simple knot used in this fringe necklace here or leather pearl necklace here. Really good tutorial from Clones & Clowns.

DIY Dutch Braid Tiara Hairstyle by Ulicam

dutch braid hair tutorial
DIY Dutch Braid Tiara Hairstyle. Really lovely. Tutorial from Ulicam here.

DIY Studded Denim Jeans by Clones and Clowns

studs denim shorts tutorial
DIY Studded Denim Jeans. One of the best parts of this is that is no-sew, and that she lines the inside of the shorts where the pins from the studs are sure to touch your skin – not many tutorials mention this! Tutorial from Clones & Clowns here.

DIY Silver Metallic Jeans by Pop Champagne

painted metallic silver jeans denim tutorial
DIY Silver Metallic Jeans. Restyle an old pair of grey or black faded jeans. Tutorial from Pop Champagne here.

DIY Cut Out Mens Shirt by Pretty Quirky Pants

mensware mens shirt cut out restyle refashion tutorial
DIY Cut Out Men’s Shirt. Long sleeve men’s shirts are so cheap right now! I also really like that this pattern can be changed up in so many ways. Easy to do tutorial from Pretty Quirky Pants here.