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DIY Busy Board by GM Glimmerglass

DIY Busy Board. Seriously the most awesome busy board ever. From GM Glimmerglass here.

DIY Ocean in a Bottle by Lilla a Design

DIY Ocean in a Bottle. Not just for kids because I love this too - very calming like the meditation jars here. This is the closest “recipe” I’ve seen to mimicking the expensive wave machines and the simplest. Tutorial from Lilla a Design. *First seen at Craft Gossip here. *Similar idea – a lava lamp for kids of all ages here.

Tip: Watch Out for goods being labeled vintage or rare!

Tip: Watch Out for goods being labeled vintage or rare! When you see products on Ebay listed as “rare” or even on Etsy that are supposedly handmade, one of kind, “vintage” or “antique” (regretsy.com here has tons of examples from Etsy that are from Alibaba), check Alibaba.com to see if what you are buying was purchased wholesale for a less than a $1 a piece (type in keychain). I know these aren’t identical to the Etsy on, but they are identical to the ones for $30 and up on Ebay.

  1. Etsy listed Perpetual Calendar Keychain here. *Not saying this is from Alibaba.
  2. Perpetual Calendar from Alibaba here.
  3. Brass Perpetual Calendar from Alibaba here.

Copyright Infringement and Attribution

Copyright Infringement and Attribution

From Mrs. Greene here (and yes, she knows there’s a typo). Some day someone will get pissed and want to make an example out of someone, and I don’t want it to be me.

An excerpt from Mrs. Greene’s site:

Copying entire blog posts in ANY context without permission is theft of intellectual property.  Yes, it’s illegal.  Yes, it’s prosecutable.