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DIY Silk Stacking Rings by The Lovely Dept

silk stacking rings tutorial
DIY Silk Stacking Rings. One of the easiest DIYs I’ve seen that still looks nice. Silk cord and crimp beads. In the comments section one person added beads and used cheap hemp cord. Tutorial from The Lovely Dept. here.

DIY Delicate Vintage Button Necklace by Small Good Things

button necklace jewelry tutorial
DIY Delicate Vintage Button Necklace. Another use for vintage buttons that doesn’t require altering them. This tutorial has a lot in it: wire wrapping, cabochon setting, making a beaded chain etc… Really detailed, beautifully photographed tutorial by Small Good Things here.

DIY Rosie Huntington Whiteley Necklace by Dream Create

DIY . Easy delicate necklace.From Dream, Create here.

Nine DIY Delicate Jewelry Tutorials

Nine DIY Delicate Jewelry Tutorials. I’ve been seeing either big bold colorful statement pieces or very delicate understated jewerly.

  1. DIY Delicate Ring Bracelet Combination Hand Piece (Hey! Look What I Made!) here.
  2. DIY Delicate Gold Chain Rings (a pair & a spare) here.
  3. DIY  Chain Necklace Hair Accessory (The Beauty Department) here.
  4. DIY Chain Rings (wobisobi) here.
  5. DIY Easy Rocker Chain Necklace (Vintage Wanna Bee) here.
  6. DIY Delicate Pearl Stacking Rings (Small Good Things) here.
  7. DIY Delicate Bell Bracelets (a pair & a spare) here.
  8. DIY Eye Pin Stacked Rings (Typical House Cat) here.
  9. DIY Katniss Hunger Games Inspired Bobby Pins (Art for All) here.