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DIY Crayon Heart. ALL OVER INTERNET without the original source (so without the DIY tips) which just happens to be Pinterest! Read the comments’ section – she has really really good advice and tricks (like replacing crayons) on how to make this. Pinterest here.

DIY Crayon Art. Tutorial from Lindsey Daniella Did It here. On the LEFT is an Etsy piece, “Meadow” (shown on Lindsey Daniella’s site) originally from JKCreate’s Etsy Store here (but not linked on her site). On the RIGHT is the DIY. It irks me when an Etsy piece is shown with a craft blogger’s rendition, because I think that the blogger’s piece could stand totally on its own and no price comparison needs to be made. Also, what readers may not understand is that to actually sell crafts/art everything about it has to be perfect, not OK, but perfect in everyway, which takes so much time.

DIY Girl with Umbrella Melted Crayon Wall Art. I’ve posted crayon art before with characters drawn in here. This how-to comes from Pinterest (and I can’t find any other source) here. The resolution isn’t great because the whole image won’t download into a full sized “pin”.

More DIY Crayon Art. I like these because of the different hues of each with the added characters. Found on Pinterest here. Uploaded by a user, and couldn’t find it anywhere else. Here’s one good tutorial at 52 Kitchen Adventures here.