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DIY Halloween Makeup Inspiration from Sandra Holmbom at http://psychosandra.blogg.se here. Definitely bookmarking this amazing site for Halloween. All photos by Sandra Holmbom, GIF by me using makeagif.com.

truebluemeandyou: So what else do I post on my Halloween Blog year round? Long formal gloves made from tee shirtsDollar Store Skull Earrings and fake flower crowns.  

DIY Fairy Slippers by the nature of grace

DIY Fairy Slippers. Have your child help pick out fake flowers, glitter, leaves, etc… from The Dollar Store of Michaels to transform a pair of shoes that will be outgrown by the next season. Tutorial from the nature of grace here.

DIY Steampunk Inspiration by batman-n-bananas at Deviantart

DIY Sreampunk Inspiration: Steampunk Portal Boots by batman-n-bananas at DeviantArt here. Also check out her Steampunk Satchel, Wallets, and Aperture Steampunk Handheld Portal Device – AMAZING. First seen at EPBOT here. How she did it:

“These started as two pairs of shoes, one cheap pair of black pleather boots and an old pair of canvas shoes. The heel ‘spring’ is actually plastic tubing as I could screw this straight into the heel to secure it firmly (plus a lot more sensible to walk in).”

DIY Hot Air Balloon Costume by Rook No. 17

DIY Hot Air Balloon Costume. Cutest Halloween costume ever and actually doable. Tutorial (and link to find the balloons) at  Rook No, 17 here.