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DIY Lemon Bars To Go by Lady Behind the Curtain

DIY Lemon Bars To Go. Bake in 1/2 pint Jars. I wish these had been posted at Christmas/holiday time because these would make wonderful hostess gifts, party favors or just wonderful gifts. At the very end she recommends doubling the filling recipe so read to the end! Tutorial and recipe from Lady Behind the Curtain here.

DIY $400 Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe from Makoodle

DIY $400 Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe. I have not made these, but am always looking for a great chocolate chip cookie. There is one ingredient I’ve never used in a chocolate chip cookie that Makoodle says makes all the difference in the recipe here.

DIY Inspiration Valentine’s Day Gingerbread House. From the Flickr Photostream of sassybeautimus here.


I would totally make unicorn poop cookies! 

The colored “steam” is a…nice touch. 

Recipe over at Instructables

Did I miss this? Or was this not actually featured as a DIY? Because these are AMAZING.

DIY Pink and Easy Valentine or Any Day Cookies. Super easy: 1 box of strawberry cake mix, 1 egg, 1 stick of butter, and pre-made strawberry frosting (and it looks like coarse sugar on top). I haven’t made these, but have had good luck with using the instant cake mix recipes. Recipe over at Ranch Farmgirl Blog™ here.