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DIY Girl with Umbrella Melted Crayon Wall Art. I’ve posted crayon art before with characters drawn in here. This how-to comes from Pinterest (and I can’t find any other source) here. The resolution isn’t great because the whole image won’t download into a full sized “pin”.

DIY Super Cheap but Elegant Centerpiece. All the credit for this goes to Kyrah Ahner at Pinterest here for finding this buried in the Southern Hospitality Blog here where it wasn’t a DIY but a photo from a bloggers’ conference. Kyrah Ahner turned it into a DIY by suggesting how to make it cheaply:

you can get the vases at Dollar Tree for $1 each. 3 bags of the rocks at $1 each, and the floating candles in a 6 pack for $2.99 at Hob Lob. With the flower, in the colors of the season, you’ve got yourself a very pretty, and very thrifty centerpiece!”

DIY Mini Piñatas! When I lived in Germany for a few years I made full size ones using paper mache over balloons and then crepe paper. Why? Because there were no Piñatas in Germany! These little ones are so simple to make and would be original party favors – and no paper mache mess. Tutorial from Oh Happy Day here.  

DIY Free Pattern for Crocheted Patchwork Rug from Ravelry here. If you crochet or knit I’d suggest signing up for this site – it’s free and has many unbelievable free patterns. The PDF pattern for the rug is here. I don’t crochet (but knit and weave – yes, my mom gave me her huge loom and I took many lessons) so I don’t know how hard this is, but it is pretty.