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truebluemeandyouDIY St. Patrick’s Day Ombre Cake. Why does this cake have so many notes? It was on Tumblr Radar last year. For lots of cute and easy St. Patrick’s Day DIYs like food, rainbow printable boxes, a Leprechaun Trap etc… go here: truebluemeandyou.tumblr.com/tagged/st-patricks-day

DIY St. Patrick’s Day Ombre Cake. St. Patrick’s Day is March 17th and I live near a city that holds one of the largest St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the US with a selected “Colleen”, so St. Patrick’s Day is huge here. Tutorial from I am Baker here. *No recipe but you can a get a recipe for cake anywhere or use a mix.

DIY Rainbow Trifle by Come Together Kids

DIY Rainbow Trifle for St. Patrick’s Day or Any Day. Easy because it’s all instant cake and pudding: three colors of cake and three colors of pudding. How-to at Come Together Kids here.

DIY Easy Frotsting Technique from Sockerrus

DIY Easy Frotsting Technique. From Sockerrus here.More photos and instructions at the link. *One image download.

DIY Two Ingredient Strawberry Cake by Lady with the Red Rocker

DIY Two Ingredient Strawberry Cake. Well, one of the ingredients is instant cake mix, but I would never have guessed what the second ingredient was! And this is supposed to be relatively low in calories! I have not made this, but there are tons of comments about others making it, some with chocolate cake. Recipe from Lady with the Red Rocker here.