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DIY Recycled Cardboard Bracelets by Fab You Bliss

recycle cardboard jewelry
DIY Recycled Cardboard Braclelets. Cardboard and embroidery floss. Tutorial from Fab You Bliss here. *More bracelets made out of cardboard here and here.

DIY Matthew Williamson Neon Bracelet by Inspiration and Realisation

DIY Matthew Williamson Neon Drawstring Bracelet. All supplies from The Home Depot - seriously! This is one of the tutorials I see when I wake up that makes me very happy. Tutorial is by Inspiration & Realisation here.

DIY Louis Vuitton Lockit Clutch with Detachable Cuff

DIY  Louis Vuitton Lockit Clutch with Detachable Cuff. Top Photo: Louis Vuitton Monogram Fetish Lockit Clutch $2420 hereBottom Photo: DIY by A Matter of Style. Tutorial on how to take a cuff (H&M in this example) and transform it by A Matter of Style here. *You can find these cuffs online at H&M in the UK here, the closest I could find at H&M with no chain or holes drilled here online)! There are lots of cuffs at Forever21 that you may be able to use that are really cheap.

DIY Mod Podge Ribbon Paper Charm Bracelet by Vitamin C

DIY Mod Podge Ribbon Paper Charm Bracelet. No jump rings because ribbon is used (much easier). She uses a paper punch for the circles, but you can use a stencil to trace around. Also used is Mod Podge Dimensional Magic on top of Mod Podge, although I have seen this done without using the Dimensional Magic. Tutorial from Vitamin C here.

DIY twisted Beaded Bracelet by Happy Hour Projects

DIY twisted Beaded Bracelet. Easy tutorial from Happy Hour Projects here.