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Where to Buy Unusual Jewelry Supplies

Where do People Get All those Quirky Jewelry Supplies to Make Expensive Jewelry? One Place is ornamentea (I am not affiliated with them in anyway). I often post jewelry supplies because I didn’t know what was out there until I started looking and then I found very familiar looking charms and parts of jewelry I had seen in expensive jewelry online.

  1. Fortune Cookie Charm $2.50 here.
  2. Two Loop Swallow Charm 10/$5 here.
  3. TV Set Cabochon Setting 6/$3.60 here. How great would this be with a black and white photo set in it?
  4. Tiny Ball Locket (naked brass) 10/$5.80 here.
  5. Winged Scarab Beetle (naked $4.75 here), scarab bent and patina and chain added here.
  6. 2” Knight’s Glass Bottle w/Cork 12/$5.10 here. 
  7. Terrarium Necklace Tutorial here using #6 Glass bottle.
  8. 1” (3/4” without cork) Fat Friar Glass Bottle with Cork 12/$4 here.
  9. Alphabet Charms (naked brass) 56 Letters for $10.25 here.
  10. Drink Me Necklace Tutorial here Uses Letters #9
  11. Stitched Heart Pendant $12 here, Laced Heart Necklace Tutorial here.

DIY Wall Mounted Bottle Vases. Simple and beautiful design, and hung with a doorknob. Good, clear and easy to follow directions from Remadesimple here.

DIY Inspiration. Recycled Bottle Animal Lights/Sculpture. 2 more recycled bottle pigs because they look awesome lit up. With LED light kits I think this is doable with research (so I don’t burn down my house). Abyu LightingJerry the pig on the LEFT here and Teeny Tide Pig on the RIGHT here. Both are $185.


DIY Vial of Fairy Dust for a Little Girl - or – go a little dark and make it black wax, black glitter, and have an aged label saying “Talbot – Beloved of Russell Edgington”. Or make it a mini meditation vial (the more watery kind here), sealing around the cork of course. I’ve always been a fan of small vials filled with sentimental things (but not blood) like sand, beads, etc… used as jewelry and have other posts on them like here. Tutorial at Think Crafts here.

Etsy Pattern for A trip to the Apothecary Quilt. And you thought quilts were boring? 24 squares and the possibilities are endless. Pattern from the shaebay’s Etsy Store here. First seen at Craftster.org here.