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DIY Shelf Using a Drawer and Belts by Clones and Clowns

DIY Shelf Using a  Drawer and Belts. This was from a sunglasses post by Clones & Clowns, but I liked the DIY recycled painted drawer hung by belts the sunglasses were displayed on. From Clones & Clowns here.

DIY Perforated Leather Belt by wobisobi

DIY Perforated Leather Belt. I’ve seen tons of perforated accessories recently and a leather hole punch is actually something I own because it’s pretty cheap (see here), and you can use it for a ton of things. Tutorial from wobisobi here.

DIY No Sew Faux Fur and Buckle Boots. Faux fur and belts. I like this because I can see beyond these particular pair of boots and I like the buckle trend and have an older pair of boots that isn’t looking so great that I can try this on. Easy tutorial at Urban Threads here. *Not a huge fan of the embroidery on the belt, but this is Urban Threads who posted it.