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DIY Dutch Braid Tiara Hairstyle by Ulicam

dutch braid hair tutorial
DIY Dutch Braid Tiara Hairstyle. Really lovely. Tutorial from Ulicam here.

DIY Runway Hair Updo by So Much to Smile About

runway hair updo tutorial
DIY Runway Hair Updo. This looks so easy compared to the updos I’ve done in the past! One of several how-to runway hair looks at So Much to Smile About here.

Hiding Bobby Pins by The Beauty Department

Hiding Bobby Pins. From The Beauty Department here. *You slide the bobby pin in the opposite direction your hair is going. Lots more tips and hairstyles at The Beauty Department.

DIY Zig Zag Nail Art by Small Good Things

DIY Zig Zag Nail Art. Small Good Things, did these nails the same way she did her triangle nails I posted here. These aren’t masked off nails that are then painted. Her tutorial has a really clever way of making the zigzags and triangles at Small Good Things here. *She has a total of 42 nail art entries on her blog.