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DIY String Map Art with a Heart in the Middle by Harpster Home

DIY String Map Art with a Heart in the Middle. I’ve seen these selling on Etsy and elsewhere. Really good tutorial from The Harpster Home here. *Read comments for more suggestions and tips for making this. More String Art Tutorials: 

  • Really colorful one spelling out “Rave On” here.
  • Heart of String here.
  • LOVE String Art in Cursive here.

Impatient by Julien Denoyer

Impatient by Julien Denoyer. Affordable art From Etsy here: 5×7 for $10 (free shipping) or 8×12 for $16. “This photograph is printed by a professional photo lab on Semi-Gloss (Satin Finish) Fujicolor professional paper or by a third party lab in the US on Kodak Professional Photo Paper (Satin).”

Seven DIY Matchbox Crafts

Seven DIY Matchbox Crafts. Matchboxes are so cheap and can be made into so many artsy things and given as small gifts.

  1. DIY Upstairs Downstairs Matchbox here (with printable template).
  2. DIY Message Matchboxes here.
  3. DIY Free Matchbox Office Supply Book Covers here.
  4. DIY Mini Shrines or Jewelry here.
  5. DIY Secret Magic Box with “Magic” Pull to Open here.
  6. DIY Envelope Style Matchbox Template (and regular Matchbox Template)here.
  7. DIY Matchbox Chest of Drawers here.

DIY Man Art by Kara Paslay Designs

DIY Man Art. They used lauan (super cheap material) and steel to create this minimalistic, modern wall art that can be customized in so many ways. The way they attached the metal makes this an easy project. Tutorial at Kara Paslay Designs here.