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DIY Happy Birthday Balloon Card by the handmade house

DIY Happy Birthday Balloon Card. Or any celebration card. From the handmade house here.*Other cute ideas, especially altered book related ones.

DIY Inspiration Happy Birthday Banner (or whatever occasion you want) from SHinH catalog online at Flickr here. I love this idea because you can mail it to someone! You could package the letters in a DVD box and the String and clothespins as part of the wrapping or give them separately. So fun. Photos from the banner set here.


Etsy Love is in the Cards Fine Art Photography by EyeShutterToForget here. Lovely idea and present. Beautiful Etsy store with reasonably inexpensive prints on archival paper.

DIY Embroidered Trip Map Art. Instructions at Martha Stewart here. Love the idea of stitching a map from here to Lake Placid, one of my favorite places.

Other posts about embroidering or stitching on paper:

DIY Stitching Your Handwriting on Paper or Fabric here. *If Martha’s instructions aren’t complete enough, check this out!

DIY Anthropologie Inspired Penmanship Gift Tags here.

DIY Tutorial for Stitched Love Cards here.

Embroidery on Paper here.

From the blog Because It’s Awesome here. A hand lettered sentiment given to her by a talented co-worker around the time she was married. Lesson to me: The best gifts do not cost a lot of money!