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DIY Altered Altoid Tin Kits. Lots of wonderful “Collection Tins” with their wonderful covers and ideas at Silvia’s Sketchblog here.

DIY Altered Paper Latern. Spotted at Decor8 here. Decor8 writes:

Did you notice the huge white paper lantern above? It may be one of those cheap ones from IKEA… and if so, what a great idea to add painted on details – spots, stripes, anything goes. 

Image from EST Magazine.

Teeny Tiny Vampire Hunter’s Kit made from an Altoids’ Tin. For the person who has everything… or everything to fear. From the site that inspires me and then makes me feel so inadequate at the same time: Craftster.org. Made by MissingWillow at Craftster.org here.

truebluemeandyou: 52 Reasons, or in my case 50 Reasons because I messed up 2 cards using Mod Podge – but the glue stick works wonderfully! I’ve been working on cutting out stuff from magazines and making several for different people. I love TV guide because it has things like “TOP CHEF” and “Gossip Girls” and other things I’m using. I can’t tell you how in love with this idea I am :)

DIY ”52 Reasons” Book. Continuing my posts of really cheap but  thoughtful gifts. Made out of a pack of cards using a glue stick. Before I saw this, I had just tried this with Mod Podge – disaster – the cards curled up and it was a big mess. Seen at Little Gray Fox here. More photos and where it was originally posted (I think) at Craftster here.