DIY Cutlery Tray Jewelry Storage and Display by Mini Manor

DIY Cutlery Tray Jewelry Storage and Display. I love the hooks at the bottom for extra long necklaces. I have my necklaces on an expandable mug rack like this one from Amazon and it works but there is no room for bracelets, so this would be an upgrade for me. Tutorial from Mini Manor here.

DIY Pixel Painting Art by Wit & Whistle

DIY Pixel Painting Art.  Even for those of you who cannot paint, you can do this! This project is so simple yet beautiful, and if you use one of your photographs as a reference it becomes really personal. The Tutorial is from Wit & Whistle here.  

DIY Stud and Bead Necklace from Studs and Pearls

DIY Stud and Bead Necklace. Really simple project and I like the one on the left with a single bead seeming to weight it down. Tutorial from Studs and Pearls here.

DIY All-In-One Jewelry Cabinet by Sew Dang Cute

DIY All-in-One Jewelry Cabinet. This is the deluxe version, but you could simplify it by getting a shadow box (using a coupon!) or drawer (as was suggested). I love that this is an all-in-one jewelry storage station that is really like wall art. Extremely thorough tutorial from Sew Dang Cute Crafts here.