Eight Cheap DIY Jewelry Tutorials Using Mod Podge

Eight Cheap DIY Jewelry Tutorials Using Mod Podge. A reader asked me about jewelry tutorials that use Mod Podge (and not Mod Podge Dimensional Magic). The beauty about most of these tutorials is that they use lots of recycled, inexpensive or easy to find materials.

  1.  DIY Paper Mache Bracelet here. *cardboard tube or cereal box, magazines, jewelry findings
  2. DIY Personal Paper Heart Necklace here. *maps, song paper, recycled paper, jewelry findings
  3. DIY Scrap Paper Bracelet here. *scrap paper, ink, jewelry findings
  4. DIY Kate Spade Inspired New York City Lights Bangle Bracelet here. *Empty ribbon spool or cardboard tube, paper, paint
  5. DIY Paper Rings Inspired by Jeremy May of Littlefly here. *paper, varnish (but you could use clear nail polish
  6. DIY Teeny Tiny Leather Spell Book here. *gold paint or sharpies, paper, cardboard, jewelry findings
  7. DIY Paper Bead Jewelry here. *paper, glue, nail polish or varnish
  8. DIY Book Page Necklace here. *paper, varnish (but you could use mod podge instead), jewelry findings

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