truebluemeandyou: DIY Morse Code Necklace. Reblogging because I just went to Michaels and got supplies for probably 15 of these necklaces for $11.50. It breaks down to 2 packages silver tube beads 2/$5 on sale, 170 silver spacer beads $1.50 (friend used coupon), 5 pack natural cord colors including black $2.50 (used coupon), 2 pack bright blue and yellow cord $2.50 = $11.50. And I’ll have tons of cord and spacer beads left over.

DIY Anthropologie Inspired Morse Code Necklace/Bracelet (DIY on top, lower left $38 Anthro version here, lower right Morse Code Chart here). One of my favorite jewelry tutorials in recent memory. Send secret messages through your jewelry. Tutorial from one of my favorite sites: Thanks I Made It here. *Go to the tutorial to see how she gives you ideas of how to make this extremely cheaply!

Note: More complete morse code chart with abbreviations and punctuation marks here. Also you can use the military phonetic alphabet here or here.

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