Fifty Ways to Tie a Scarf from Scarves Dot Net here (look at high res version). It says forty but they are adding new ways to tie scarves every day and if you click on a scarf there are detailed instructions and sometimes even a video to show you how to tie it. This site also has fabric care for scarves, and how to tie the following scarves and more (and numerous sub categories):

  • bandanas
  • circle scarves
  • head scarves
  • rectangle long scarves
  • skinny scarves
  • square scarves
  • wrap scarves and tons more – you get the picture: everything you ever wanted to know about scarves.


DIY Halloween Makeup Inspiration from Sandra Holmbom at here. Go to the link to see how this looks on her face. Freaky!

truebluemeandyou: posting because this site also has amazing makeup that isn’t FX makeup – especially beautiful eye makeup.

DIY Inspiration: Anna Davern Digital Print Jewelry. You could try using magazine or printed digital images, sealing them, then adding something like Mod Podge Dimensional Magic on top. First seen at Design Crush here. This video here shows that you can use Mod Podge Dimensional Magic without a bezel.

  • Top Photos: $184 Pearl Diamond E/R Earrings by Anna Davern here.
  • Middle Photos: $102 Rocks Necklace by Anna Davern here.
  • Bottom Photos: $168 Emerald E/R Earrings by Anna Davern here.

The hand carved stamp tutorial is awesome, but “stationary” means “not moving”. When it’s fancy papers and such you’re talking about, the word is stationery with an e. (I hope this doesn’t upset you unduly… but you seem to have a pretty thick skin, which is an asset on tumblr. I correct people’s spelling because I like them and I want to help them look as intelligent and professional as possible.)

Thanks – will correct it on both blogs. I appreciate it when people correct my grammar – seriously (like when I totally misspelled something numerous times for my DIY Gift Guides until someone thankfully messaged me). And yes, I have a VERY thick skin – you absolutely have to on Tumblr.

EDIT: Just changed “stationary” to “stationery” five times including my tags. 

DIY Hand Carved Stamps for Stationery Gifts Tutorial from Mad Mim. Top Photo: personalized Valentine stamp tutorial from Mad Mim here, Bottom Photo: personalized stationery gift stamps from Mad Mim here. You could make this into a personalized present by adding blank cardstock cards and envelopes (Michaels has huge sales on these all the time), hand carved stamps for stationery, and printing supplies. 

For more stamp/stamping DIYs and tutorials go here: